Hedychium coronarium

The plant is valued particularly for its high quality essential oil, it also has various medicinal uses. Hedychium coronarium – Vlinderjasmijn, Mariposa. Plant Morphology : Growth ForA perennial rhizomatous herb grows about 1- 2. Able to form dense colonies.

Foliage: Leaves are oblong to lanceolate,.

Een uit Oost-Indië afkomstige plant, wegens de sterk riekende bloemen . USDA PLANTS Symbol: HECOU. It is in flower from Aug to . Beautiful snow white flowers produced throughout summer. It has white sweetly-fragrant flowers . Butterfly Ginger, Butterfly Lily, White Garland Lily.

Koenig Show All Show Tabs white garland-lily.

Primera página de la especie Inicio del sitio (Home). Observationes Botanicae: 73. Zingiberaceae) is well known for to its medicinal and aromatic properties because of it terpenic components. The essential oils of leaves and rhizomes from H. A new labdane diterpenoi (E)-labda-8(17),12-dien-116-olide (1) together with eight known compounds, coronarin D (2), coronarin D methyl ether (3), . Two new labdane-type diterpenes, coronarin E and coronarin F containing borneol in the molecule, were isolated from the rhizomes of the Brazilian medicinal . J Essent Oil Res 23(3):64–Bhandary MJ . Status: Not Native, FACW (DEP), OBL (NWPL). Common Name: WHITE GINGERLILY.

Specimen: View details of USF . Family: Zingiberaceae Martinov. This species is accepte and is native to Asia-Tropical and. Which scent do you prefer, the Plumeria or the White Ginger? The butterfly ginger is one of the nicest gingers for the home landscape because its fragrance is so enjoyable (Fig.

1). Pure white, showy flowers emerge from .

Naturalized populations have been reported several times from southern Louisiana, but the specimens I . ISHS International Symposium on Orchids and Ornamental Plants MICROPROPAGATION OF HEDYCHIUM CORONARIUM. The conventional seed propagation of H.